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Container transportation

container transportationContainer transportation – is a modern and most economical type of cargo delivery.

Efficiency. Container transport for combined or multimodal routes is particularly effective due to significant reductions in freight, storage and transshipment costs.

Irreplaceability. It is indispensable when cargo transportation to or from countries in Europe, Asia, America is needed.

Versatility. International container transportation is organized between enterprises, railway stations, ports and recipients of goods, between logistics centers for the formation, sale and distribution of goods.

Convenience. It is convenient because containers are adapted for delivery by all kinds of transport, which greatly facilitates the task in multimodal transportations.

Cost-effectiveness. Also, the container type of transport affects the costs associated with cargo transportation. They are reduced due to the absence of unloading/loading of cargo at the points of transport type change, the absence of storage costs.

Riskiness. The risk of loss and damage to the cargo is reduced due to the absence of congestion operations.

TEK-EUROVEKTRANS LLC offers the organization of transportation of bulk cargo container transport: grain, etc. (specialized containers for bulk cargo transportation) and liquid bulk cargo (tank container).

The main advantages of container transportation:

container transportation - container reloading onto a railway platform

  • high performance of machines and mechanisms during loading and unloading of cargos;
  • complex mechanization of loading and unloading works;
  • minimum idle time of transport during cargo operations;
  • high safety of transported goods (from weather conditions and theft);
  • reduction of costs for transport containers;
  • low cost of transportation and transshipment of goods;
  • small amount of labor for loading and unloading;
  • reduction of idle time during transportation of the rolling stock involved in the transportation of containers by two, two and a half times.

TEK-EUROVEKTRANS LLC will provide the organization of complex multimodal transportation of your cargoes anywhere in the world.

We work on a customer-friendly and transparent algorithm:

1. Initial stage:
Firstly we process your request. We specify all the characteristics of the cargo transported, code, weight/volume, documents. Next we identify terms of delivery: Incoterms, the date of readiness of the cargo, the point of departure and destination, the list of necessary services, etc.

container transportation - container reloading onto a railway platform

2. Freight:
We select several options from different lines. We make a detailed calculation. After its approval, we book a place on the vessel.

3. Shipping to port or destination:
We organize delivery to\ from the port of Ukraine - the place of departure\destination. This process is provided by road or rail.

4. Cargo operations:
Providing loading/unloading/handling operations at ports, warehouses and other sites on the way of the container.

5. Forwarding:
Our employees organize and supervise container transportation throughout the multimodal delivery route: ground transportation, port of departure, container sea lines, destination port, all terminal and customs processes.

6. Customs clearance:
Our brokers will perform all necessary procedures related to customs formalities during export/import.

TEK-EUROVEKTRANS LLC is always close at hand!

We will help to solve any of your logistical tasks and provide quality service around the world.