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Transportation of grain cargoes

Transportation of grain cargoesLLC "TEK-EUROVEKTRANS" carries out transportation of grain cargoes such as: wheat, rye, oats, barley, corn, peas, cereals. For transportation of this type of cargo, specialized grain hopper-cars are used.


grain hopper-carThe hopper-car is used for unpackaged delivery of loose materials: cement, grain, mineral fertilizers, etc. His body is designed in the form of a funnel, at the top of which are hatches for loading, and below - for unloading.


grain transshipment in portIn the organization of transportation of grain cargoes, we provide:

  • consignor 's services;
  • timely submission of rolling stock (inventory or private);
  • optimization of station payments (delivery / picking, maneuvering work, etc.);
  • selection and submission of grain samples for research, obtaining necessary certificates and conclusions;
  • control of the process of loading grains into wagons on elevators;
  • tracking of wagons and eliminating delays along the way;
  • direct transshipment from the car to the hold of the vessel, bypassing the unloading on the site.