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Transportation on railway platforms

railway freight platformRailway platforms is used for transportation of heavy equipment, various types of vehicles, long and large-sized constructions, as well as other cargoes, which do not require protection from atmospheric precipitations.


cargo transportation on railway platformsUniversal platforms are used for the transportation of crawler and wheeled vehicles, agricultural machinery and road construction machinery, rolled metal, logs. The body of the universal platform consists of a reinforced frame with metal, wood or mixed floor. The platform is equipped with flaps. The body of the specialized platform has additional equipment and mechanisms for fastening and transportation convenience. Fitting platforms are equipped with locks to fit containers of various sizes and types.


freight transport by railroad platforms

When arranging shipments on platforms we provide:
– timely submission of a sufficient number of wagons for loading;
– tracking of wagons and eliminating delays along the way;
– assistance in the development and approval of cargo fastening schemes;
– consignor 's services.