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Transportation in open-top wagons

rail freight transportation in open-top wagonsOpen-top wagons are railway wagons with high walls without roof. It is possible to download in them everything that does not need protection from atmospheric precipitation, namely: coal and ore, timber and fluxes, etc. Still in the gondola carriages it is possible to transport large-sized cargoes, metal rolling, timber, that is, such loads, which require the upper load with using specialized loading equipment such as a loader, an excavator, a crane.

There are various types of open-top wagons:

  • open-top wagons with 14 hatches in the floor for unloading;
  • open-top wagons without hatches for unloading;
  • open-top wagons with end walls, which open.

rail freight transportation in open-top wagons

Advantages of transportation in open-top wagons

  • The possibility of transportation to distant and near distances of oversized and large-sized cargoes;
  • large load-carrying capacity (one wagon with payload corresponds to three heavy-duty vehicles);
  • the possibility of choosing a car suitable for one or another kind of cargo;
  • delivery of cargo regardless of weather conditions;
  • affordable transportation cost;
  • minimal risks of cargo damage.

transportation of goods in open-top wagonsIn the organization of transportation in the open-top wagons we provide:

  • Selection and timely submission of sufficient number of wagons for loading;
  • accompaniment of wagons during transportation (tracking of wagons and eliminating the causes of delays during the journey);
  • consignor 's services.