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Project transportation

railway project transportationProject transportation is a complex transportation process that begins with a detailed study of the nature of the cargo to be transported.


Machines project transportation by railway transportThe next stage consists in selecting the necessary railway rolling stock, developing and coordinating cargo securing schemes, determining the cargo dispatching stations that have the necessary equipment for loading, and also having a work permit for a certain paragraph (for example, paragraphs 8, 8H, 10 10N indicate, that the station has the ability to work with large-capacity containers). Next, the routes for the delivery of goods to the selected departure stations are determined, a list of road carriers that have the vehicles necessary for the delivery of such transportation, as well as permits and licenses, is determined.


Project transportation by railway transportOnly after this, it is possible to start determining the schedules and terms of transportation, drawing up estimates, etc. It is mandatory to control the implementation of each of the stages of transportation. This is very important for a timely response to possible violations of the timetable for the transportation, as well as to eliminate possible unforeseen situations.